Information for hospitals and providers

Modern Diagnostics offers a variety of important services to hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers and other healthcare providers. As the oldest and most experienced Neuro-diagnostic and Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring (IONM) Company in the west we can offer you many advantages, over our competitors such as;

  • Decreasing the potential risks associated with any surgery affecting the nervous system. Although primarily used by neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons, increasingly otolaryngologists employ the technology in their everyday procedures. Vascular surgeons have been using this technology to identify ischemia to the brain and spinal cord during surgery.
  • Improved documentation of the surgical course, outcomes, and other neurological events. We provide an immediate printout of the findings of the case and are able to offer a physician's case summary.
  • A large staff of expertly qualified technologists available for scheduling and consultation. Many of our technologists have advanced degrees such as masters and doctorates. However, they are expertly trained and are able to identify and measure the significance of neurophysiological changes based on OR events. This permits appropriate and targeted notification to the surgeon.
  • Flexible fee schedules based on usage, demand, call, etc. As does your corporation, we favor our best clients and can offer flexible and competitive rates for our professional services.
  • Professionally managed by industry leaders in Neurosurgery, Neuro-diagnostics, and Neurology. We are managed by master neurophysiologist with over 30 years of experience, including academic credentials and a board-certified neurosurgeon.
  • Complete and available equipement, personnel and credentialing files for full compliance with JCAHO, State Licensing and other accrediting agencies.

If you are a hospital or ASC administrator our web site will introduce you to our services. Modern Diagnostics wants to be your primary go-to source for IOMC.

Employee training

As a leader in Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring, Modern Diagnostics requires each of our technicians to obtain technologist certification in neurophysiological intraoperative monitoring (CNIM). CNIM is an external credential offered by the American Board of Registration of Electroencephalographic and Evoked Potential Technologists (ABRET) to monitoring professionals that have demonstrated their competence in neurophysiological intraoperative monitoring.

In addition, our staff also includes individuals with professional board certification who are certified Diplomates of the American Board of Neurophysiologic Monitoring (D.ABNM).

Our staff attends advanced training to develop skills and knowledge of the most up-to-date techniques in the field.

Equipment description and certification

Modern Diagnostics provides each of our technicians with state-of-the art equipment that combines flexibility, multi-modality, and convenient remote monitoring. Our advanced equipment allows us to monitor the full spectrum of any hospital's intra-operative monitoring needs, and offers versatility, performance and reliability in order that we may provide extremely high quality data under the harshest conditions.

Supply information

At Modern Diagnostics, we strive to keep the cost out of the hands of our clients when it comes to supplies. We are able to furnish our own superior quality electrodes for most types of cases facilitating robust and reliable recordings. We understand that some of our clients may prefer to supply their own electrodes or equipment. Rest assured that our personnel are flexible and will continue to provide the same valuable results without any loss of integrity or quality.