Modern Diagnostics services

Modern Diagnostics has set the standard as Southern California's leading provider of neurophysiological monitoring services for more than 30 years.

We use and support the use of the highest quality electrodes and associated IONM technologies from Medtronic in order to facilitate robust and reliable recordings. We understand that some of our clients may prefer to supply their own electrodes or equipment and we are fully capable of working with all platforms. Rest assured that our personnel are flexible and will provide valuable and efficacious results without any loss of integrity or quality in any circumstance.

Top down expertise.

Modern Diagnostics is owned and operated by one of America's top neurophysiologists and one of California's most respected neurosurgeons. Our service is defined by our first- hand insights into the needs and expectations of hospitals, surgeons and patients.

Certified master technicians.

Our neural technologists hold Master's or Ph.D degrees in the life sciences (neuroscience, biology, bio-engineering, audiology, medicine, chiropractic, nursing, etc.) and have been CNIM certified by the American Society of Neurological Monitoring. Our background checking methodology is meticulous and rigorous and has been applauded by the HR directors of the hospitals we service. And our ongoing internal training program ensures that our technicians maintain "state-of-the-art" expertise.

Obsessed with vigilance.

Our neural monitoring technologists' are obsessively vigilant. If a problem arises, our technologists are trained to speak up immediately so the surgeon can determine the cause and rectify the problem, thus reducing or eliminating permanent damage. In addition, our technologists are remotely monitored by a Modern Diagnostics staff physician-supervisor, adding an extra layer of expertise and quality control for each procedure.

Comprehensive capabilities.

We offer technical support for all forms of intracranial, complex skull base, neuro- interventional and complex spinal procedures. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and maintained and calibrated by our in-house technical staff.

Committed to service.

We fully understand that we are in a 24/7 business. We therefore adhere to a very simple credo: we keep our promises. We honor appointments. We honor requests for specific technicians; if a preferred individual isn't available, we'll immediately suggest a highly qualified alternative. We do not "surprise you." As a Southern California-based and focused company, we understand the realities of servicing locations in this region, and our management is available for up-close-and-personal meetings whenever necessary.

Complete insurance coverage.

We carry all professional, equipment and employee insurance coverage. Credentialing and documentation is provided to all contracted hospitals.